Are you addicted to your lip balm?

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Are you addicted to your lip balm?

Why could this be so? There appears to be a couple of reasons according to the feature on WJBF. Psychological need According to Marcia Driscoll, M. Lip licking Another factor cited was lip licking which causes the lips to dry out as saliva evaporates very quickly, making the lips feel even drier and hence leading to a need to reapply the lip balm. Ingredients causing lips to dry out or become sensitive Chapped lips can also be caused by sensitivity to ingredients in the lip balms such as fragrances, colorings, lanolin and even sunscreen which some people have a negative reaction to.

In addition, some lip balms contain phenol, which is an ingredient that is also found in some skin peels. On the lips, phenol may remove the top protective layer of skin that seals in moisture and that causes the lips to dry out, flake and peel. While the product may provide temporary relief, continued use leads to an unending cycle of drying, peeling and reaching for more lip balm.

Of course the lip balm companies have been dismissing these as myths but come to think about it, my lips do get dry very quickly with certain lip balms.

I have forgotten which are those and the ingredients they contain but I used to think it was the lack of moisture especially under air conditioned environment. So are you also addicted to your lip balms? She also blogs at Fresh Flutters. I found an addiction problem with Carmex, as did my ex boyfriend.

are you addicted to your lip balm?

It got to the point where if he did NOT apply it every 10 minutes or so, he would have very chapped lips. Very unkissable. I felt OK. Chapped sometimes, but around the same as when I was using Carmex. The Carmex one dried me out, and the Body Shop one actually just smoothed my lips out without giving it moisture that evaporates and leaves my lips dry.

Aimee : Hmm…interesting. I did read something similar about Carmex somewhere too. So dat my bf can kiSs on my soft lips! Thanks for your compliments about the picture. I like to have nice pictures to go along with each post whenever possible. I hate the feeling of dry lips. So I use nivea lip balm, the repair and protect tube.This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.

This post was updated and republished May 2, It was originally published July 18, We all know someone that uses lip balm not just once in a while, but often. I mean, like puts it on every hour or so. That was me. For as long as I could remember, I always had to be wearing lip balm or my lips burned, felt naked, and that they were drying out so quickly they just might fall off my face. If I left my house and accidentally left it behind, I would either turn around and go back home to get it or stop somewhere to buy more.

I did lots of research on how to overcome this addiction and so many results I found said basically the same thing: that there is no such thing as a lip balm addiction.

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But for those of us who have been through it, we know better. And then feel so much relief as soon as we put it on! A year or so ago, I decided I had had enough. I was tired of always having to make sure I had lip balm with me. And so I set out to break myself of this habit. Plus, I had heard that when you stop using it, your lips can become very dry-looking and scabby.

I have learned that to change a habit most of the timeI must really want it. I assume this is the same for most people. I was done with lip balm. I handed my husband all the lip balm I had and told him to do with it whatever he wanted.

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Part of the reason someone needs lip balm in the first place is because their lips are dry. So I drank a lot of water to help combat this. As much as I could, I was careful not to let the water touch my lips advice I had read on www.Technically no, but in my 25 years of experience what typically happens to people who appear to be "addicted" to it is this: they use a lip balm and eventually develop a sensitivity to components in it.

This sensitivity leads to a reaction in the lips that adds to a chapped feeling in their lips which makes them think they need to use more lip balm. As they continue to use the lip balm, thinking they are helping matters, the lip sensitivity frequently increases, making the situation worse, and their lip balm use continues to increase. Eventually a severe contact dermatitis of the lips with cracking and soreness and irritation of the skin around the lips may occur.

If the lip balm seems to fix your problem initially but after continued use weeks, months, years later you find you have to keep using more and more, there is a problem and you are using too much. Lip balms work by sealing moisture into the lip tissue and preventing evaporation into the dry winter air. This allows for healing of chapped lips and also prevent chapping.

I recommend that for the easiest lip treatment with a low risk of adverse reactions, stick to either plain petrolatum Vaseline or Aquaphor. As soon as you start using more complicated products, anything can happen. Sun blocks are also added to lip balms which are great if you are going to be skiing, playing golf or tennis or hanging out at the beach.

I would not recommend them for daily use to avoid getting sensitized to the chemicals when you do not need the block. However, if you have a history of significant lip sun damage and are at risk of lip skin cancer, your dermatologist may recommend daily use, so always check with your personal physician. I also have seen overuse of lip balms lead to clogged pores along the lip line black heads ; another reason for not using them more than necessary.

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are you addicted to your lip balm?

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All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. Dry lips are the absolute worst. They crack, sting, peel and sometimes even bleed, and yet no amount of balm application appears to help. Let us explain. It will have you pacing up and down the high street on your lunch break looking for the nearest balm-stocking shop. Lip balm addiction is a real thing.

Amy Nickell. Well, sort of. Behaviours can be habit forming and addictive, but lip balm ingredients themselves have no addictive properties. Here is everything there is to know about lip balm addiction and how to beat the never-ending balm cycle for good.

According to REN Clean Skincare Global Education Ambassador, David Delport, there are a number of reasons that our lips dry out faster and more severely than anywhere else on our bodies.

Simply, the reason for this is that applying balm is a quick, sure-fire way to comfort our lips. When you start to examine the contents of popular balms, the need for constant reapplication begins to make more and more sense.

Actually, the more you apply the balm, the drier your lips may become — hence the desire to continue applying. The main harm that lip balms cause is that certain popular formulas will, in the long run, risk drying out your lips even more.

Founder of D. Besides this, some research suggests that the actual contents of certain balms could be considered toxic when ingested. And while such claims have yet to be fully proved, David explains it is wise to keep an eye on the ingredients in your lip balms. According to the experts, the power to breaking your addiction lays solely in hands of the products that you are using.We had to make a quick detour to buy some.

Yes, you read that correctly. This might sound far-fetched, but people all over the internet, and even several of my friends, report feeling a constant and uncontrollable urge to use these products. For some up to times a dayusing multiple tubes in a week. As one might expect, there is a load of controversy here. Like claims that Chapstick is designing products to keep keep people hooked. But you can breathe a sigh of relief through your carefully moisturized lips.

Dermatologists unaffiliated with the billion-dollar lip balm industry have a clear consensus: you cannot be physically addicted to your lip balm. And there is no evidence not even anecdotes from self proclaimed addicts that these products create any kind of physical addiction.

Some dermatologists point out that overuse of moisturizing products can lead to somewhat of a dependency on them. Others say that select people may be irritated by common ingredients like mentholpeppermint oiland beeswax exacerbating the perceived need to use lip balm.

However, unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients, moderate but regular use of balm will not make your lips drier nor get you hooked on a destructive path to addiction. Thus lip balm use, like shopping, pornography, or the internet, can be considered a behavioural addiction.

Are you a lip balm addict?

Far less problematic than traditional substance abuse, behavioural addictions are habits, activities, and rituals THAT provide pleasure but can quickly become obsessive. Basically, compulsive lip balm use is just a bad habit, which for most, can be broken rather easily. Perhaps you can blame this obsession on societal beauty standards, but it might be better to blame dry Canadian winters.

are you addicted to your lip balm?

Exposure to cold temperatures and dry weather conditions are the most common and normal way that skin loses its moisture. Lips are particularly vulnerable, being four times thinner and lacking protective sweat and oil glands like the rest of our skin.

Your best bet is to protect your lips in moderation with a flavourless product — licking off your cherry flavoured lip-gloss is a great way to use the digestive enzymes in your saliva to dry out those precious lips.

Want to engage with this content? Comment on this article on Facebook! Enter your keywords. Sign-Up Here. Believe it or not, there are people all over the internet that report feeling a constant and uncontrollable urge to apply their lip moisturizers.Raise your hand if you kinda-maybe think you have an addiction to lip balm. Well, you're not alone.

This is why you’re addicted to your lip balm

If you apply ChapStick multiple times a day, or freak out whenever you don't have your favorite Burt's Bees tube in your purse or on your person, you might have thought at some point, Is this healthy for me? Lip balm addiction has taken the Internet by storm, and countless forums are dedicated to the topic. There's even an entire community called Lip Balm Anonymous.

The debate has gotten so heated, in fact, that Blistex weighed in to assure consumers that you most certainly do not have an addiction to your lip products. We asked experts what they really think about whether we can be or are addicted to lip balm, and discovered ingredients that you might want to avoid—as well as dermatologist-approved products we're adding to our shopping carts.

In short, no. Lip balm addiction is not a real thing, but there are some lip balm habits that might not great for your pout, experts say.

One is chronically applying heavy, occlusive ointments over your lips, which can interfere with skin's ability to adjust to the environment to maintain a healthy hydration level, says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Another concern?

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Your saliva contains enzymes that make it effective for digesting food when you eat. But if you're someone who licks their lips a lot, you're applying those same digestive enzymes to your skin, which can make lips dry and chapped, says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a New York-based dermatologist and fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology FAAD. People will then apply Chapstick or other topical balms to remedy this, but the real issue is their lip-licking habit, she points out.

Washing your face with hot water could also leave your lips dehydrated. The reason: Hot water removes natural oils from skin more aggressively than cool or lukewarm water.

Nazarian explains. Also important: New York City-based dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, says you should make sure to drink plenty of water thoughtout the day, since dehydration can lead to chapped lips. This makes you more dependent on lip balm to replace hydration.

Be sure to read the ingredient list on your lip balm before making a purchase. If you have sensitive skin, our experts recommend staying away from products that contain alcohol or fragrance, since they can irritate skin.

Also on the skip list? Menthol, cinnamic aldehyde, and peppermint.We put it on every few minutes or at the slightest feeling of lip discomfort. Rest assured, you are not technically addicted to lip balm. Lips love the feel of lip balm. Lip balms contain a heavy ointment which provides relief and seals in the moisture. The chapped feeling comes when we lose moisture through the lips.

So we immediately put that heavy ointment on to relieve it, making our lips feel so much better. Lip balms often contain a preservative, flavor, or fragrance that irritates the lips. The more you apply the irritant, the more chapped your lips feel. Botanically, the barrier formed by the ointment stops the water loss causing the discomfort. The chapsticks that contain these ingredients sooth the lips temporarily but cause irritation in the long term. We see a lot of patients with toothpaste irritation from the whiteners and strong flavors in most products.

Often cinnamon can be a big driver of lip irritation — both in toothpaste and other flavored items like gum and lozenges. See, the reason we compulsively use lip balm is more about irritation than addition. Naturally, if you want the irritation to subside, you need to avoid the products that trigger it. What are you supposed to do — never use chapstick, brush your teeth, chew gum, or eat the spicy foods again?

Of course not. Try a mild toothpaste — the cheaper, bottom-shelf, boring kind. It takes time for the irritation to go away. Just try it. Those cracked lips and rashes in the corners of their mouth clear up within a few weeks.

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Guess what? The dry lips return. For Caucasian patients, irritation often looks like chapped, cracking, red lips. For darker-skinned patients, irritation makes the lips a darker shade. What ingredients are in your chapstick? What foods have you been eating? Is gum causing the problem? Just find the source of the irritant and make the appropriate changes. His specialization and professional interests include treating patients suffering with acne, identifying and solving complex skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, and identifying and treating all types of skin cancers.

In his spare time, Dr. Plott enjoys cycling, traveling with his wife, and spending time with his children and new grandson. Learn more about Dr. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. Todd Plott, MD.


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