Airsal 70cc kit review

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Airsal 70cc kit review

I initially wanted to write a review solely about this bad boy above, the Malossi Sport 70cc. One of the best selling 70cc cylinders ever made. It is cheap, long lasting, powerful and available for pretty much every scooter model on the planet.

However, during my research I stumbled over a great blog that had not only better test equipment Dyno! The Stage6 Streetrace 70cc is a cast iron cylinder with 8 transfer ports Piaggio and a two windowed piston with two piston rings. The Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc is an aluminium cylinder with 7 transfer ports Piaggio and a non windowed very shirt piston skirt piston with one piston ring.

The Malossi Sport 70cc is a cast iron cylinder with 8 transfer ports Piaggio and a single windowed piston with two piston rings. The last of the bunch is the Polini Sport 70cc. A cast iron cylinder with 8 transfer ports Piaggio and a cut out piston skirt piston with two piston rings. It is the only modular cylinder cylinder head consists of two separate pieces of them all which also makes it the most expensive one. Feature wise the Stage6 Streetrace and the Malossi Sport are similar. The Polini unfortunately stands out for a bad reason.

With a target revenue of only a few thousand rpm more than the original cylinder the thermal advantages do not justify the increased cost. The air cooled version however, should stay in the race since the high cost do not apply here.

The Stage6 Sport Pro screams racing with single piston ring piston and its aluminium nikasil cylinder. However, as expected the Stage6 Sport Pro outperformed all other cylinders in the test. Surprisingly the Stage6 Streetrace performs nearly equally good as his bigger brother some might say the racing piston and aluminium nikasil is more of a marketing strategy….

airsal 70cc kit review

The Malossi and Polini perform well too but at a much narrower rpm band which means less power at higher speeds. Read all about the Dyno test at the fantastic PedParts Blog right here. What Cylinder kit do you ride?

airsal kits? any good?

Are you about to buy one and have questions? Let me know in the comments or post in the forums and I will absolutely get back to you! Polini Sport 70cc vs. Stage6 Streetrace 70cc vs. Stage6 Sport Pro 70c… […]. Can you recomend me another parts if these are not ok? Great choice! Hey Daniel, I do apologize for disturbing you. Thank you very much for your patience, Florin!

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Thanks for reply : I have a new question about setup. Can i drive with this setup without crankshaft? Thanks again. I would change the crankshaft if you want to drive it on a daily basis or for more than about km. Also get some better bearings.

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Especially the Minarelli engines only have a 10mm gudgeon pin.Sun Apr 20, pm quote. I'm torn between which 70cc kit to purchase. Does anybody know which manufacturer makes the better quality cylinder? Perhaps, somebody can explain any superior differences between the two. Thanks, Hugo. No contest here. The malossi kits are waaaay better. They seize far less and are better made. There are clear quality difference apparent even to the naked eye.

Malossi also offers an aluminum barrel - it's called an MHR kit - it's significantly more expensive than the cast iron. Having kitted many Piaggio 50's I can recommend replacing your stock carb also. It makes a huge difference to go with a You will also want a variator.

Also, the Leo Vince exhausts work well for the price. Is an aluminum cylinder more susceptible to seizure than cast iron from extreme heat? Is it safe to assume that aftermarket cylinders are not as reliable as the stock minerelli?

airsal 70cc kit review

Scooter West. Mon Apr 21, am quote. The only Airsal kits we've seen have been busted ones coming in to our shop to be replaced with Malossi ones. We don't have a good impression with the Airsals at all. The MHR replica kits are pretty good, but I don't recommend the full MHR kits unless you want to replace the piston ring every 20 hours.

Tue Apr 22, am quote.

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But you do not have a Minarelli engine in the Typhoon. The piaggio 50cc engine is completely different.The legendary Honda DR kit. People love this Kit because it takes so much abuse, and still hangs tough. It performs like an Aluminum kit, but wears like Iron! Includes everything you need to get started. You should probably drill out your stock jet, or upgrade to a bigger carb. Pair this with our House Brand Exhaustand you are set.

If you want to see other builds using this kit, check out Garagethe worlds largest moped tuning database. About My Account. It all started with a moped shop with an apartment in the back. Today we're proud to provide quality moped parts direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy.

And most of all, we hope we help you get back on the road, faster than before. Call or email us today to let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you! Join the Mailing List! Email Address.

Things you may need for this. Honda Hobbit Moped Gasket Kit. Honda 70cc DR Piston Kit. Related Items. Vespa Piaggio Ciao 70cc 77 Race Kit. Tomos A35 70cc Parmakit. Derbi 50cc Airsal Kit. Vespa 75cc Malossi Kit with Head.

Honda 70cc 77 Alu Cylinder Kit. Motobecane AV10 Airsal 75cc Kit. Piston is junk.There used to be a German magazine that was taking things seriously. Sometimes it was a bit too much, sometimes it was ridiculous and sometimes I even felt bad for reading it. So here it is the 70cc Mid Race cylinder kit review, everyone is graving for:. Since most of these cylinders have their peak power at The variomatic has been blocked to ensure correct results and three different exhausts have been tested with each cylinder:.

Also there were no flow improvements on the engine block done and all cylinders were kept as is using the original gaskets. The P4 data sheets always show the best result highest power in red. The Stage6 Racing was tearing up the scene when it first got released btw there is a version 2 review available here :. At its low price and great feature set it made the established manufacturers especially Polini and Malossi look very old and outdated.

But not only the price but also the performance exceeded the expectations of most. In combination with the Stage6 R exhaust it creates a Stage6 typical see the Sport cylinder test very wide revenue band. Definitely a killer combo that is easy to adjust and with 10 nm torque also good for the one or other hot lap on the circuit.

The T shaped exhaust port allows for improvements and there are some high end portings out there that reach the 20 horse power mark. A great performing cylinder at a very reasonable price. The cylinder features a traditional oval shaped exhaust port and produces a staggering 10 nm torque in combination with the Stage6 R exhaust.

I bet there are quite a few guys out there who would have not expected this including me from such a port design. Recent price drops among the other manufacturers seem to have not been adopted by Italkit and the cylinders seem a bit outdated feature wise at this price point.

It is however a great basis for a traditional porting project. The Manston Replica is a bit of a disappointment offering only a very small peak power band and low torque. Porting would help to increase the overall power but given the price the Manston Replica is most likely the worst choice of them all.

The modular concept will allow for more porting but out of the box this kit can not be recommended. Once again the Stage6 R is your best choice in combination with this cylinder kit. Surprisingly Airsal is using a two piston ring solution on this kit which should allow for a higher compression and therefore more torque. Unfortunately the torque is kept low at about 8,5 hp and an overall very narrow speed band.

The T shaped exhaust port however allows for a lot of tuning but it should be considered to replace the piston with a one piston ring version when the revenue increases to reduce friction and therefore heat.

It is a bit of an odd decision pairing Alu Nicasil and a T-Port with a two rings piston and I believe also the only one on the market. The cheapest kit of them all also offers a very wide speed band even though its maximum horse power is kept rather low.Today we're going to run up the best selling of the 70cc big bore sports cylinder kits.

Sports kits are by far the biggest selling big bore kits for mopeds. It isn't really possible to get much over hp on a 70cc moped without starting to significantly increase the revs, and if you do this you need to move up from a "Sports" cylinder kit to a "Low race" kit, something like a Malossi MHR replica kit or Stage 6 Racing.

These kits start to get much more expensive and parts start to wear much more quickly and the scooter becomes much less reliable for day to day use. Low race is about the limit you can use on the road as a functional bike unless you like working on your bike on a very regular basis!

For this article we've used just the main Italian manufactured kits Polini Sport 70cc, Malossi Sport 70cc and Stage 6 Sport Pro 70cc because the quality on all of them is unrivalled and spare parts, pistons etc. You'll notice that we've also included the Stage 6 Streetrace kit which is a budget 70cc cylinder with milder tuning than its Italian made Stage 6 Sport Pro big brother. There are a lot of Chinese made budget 70cc kits which are sold under various brand names at around this price of very dubious performance and quality, so for those just looking for a budget 70cc kit we thought we'd give the option of a decent quality budget kit for comparison.

We've conducted the tests with the same Aerox moped we used in the previous article for consistency. For the tests we've locked the variator drive so we can see what power the engine develops across the whole rev range.

Our previous article concluded that the Stage6 Pro Replica Exhaust and the Leo Vince ZX exhaust were the best performing moped exhausts we tried when fitted to the otherwise standard 50cc Aerox. We also observed that because both pipes ran well at higher revs they would also be likely to run well with a more highly tuned 70cc cylinder kit fitted so for this reason we started out by testing all the 70cc sports kits with a Leo Vince ZX pipe fitted to see how it fared when faced with more highly tuned cylinder kits.

Here are the power curves with the Leo Vince ZX exhaust fitted in all tests. Mopeds use variators instead of conventional gears. The variator is designed to hold the moped engine revs dead steady by automatically changing the gearing whilst the speed of the scooter increases.

If the variator is working well you can set it to hold the revs at exactly the peak power of the moped engine so as whenever you mash the throttle the engine goes straight to the revs at which it makes peak power and stays there. You can adjust the actual rpm that the variator holds the revs at by changing the weight of the rollers. If we use the above graph we see the standard cylinder makes peak power of 7. This would mean that we're only interested in the peak power each cylinder makes and the rest of the graph is irrelevant.

airsal 70cc kit review

This is pretty accurate but there comes a point when the variator can no longer keep on changing the gearing. This point is reached at somewhere around 30mph for a standard 50cc moped without gear up kit and from this point on the speed of the moped can only increase if the engine revs also increase. So in a drag race up to 30 mph the winner simply will be the one with the highest peak power so long as the variator is set up and working correctly, so Stage 6 Sport Pro would come first, then Malossi Sport, then Stage 6 Street and last in the Polini Sport.

Once we reach this 30mph mark the rules change Because you need much more power to accelerate swiftly at higher speeds what happens to the power curve after it has peaked is critical in moped tuning both for final top speed and acceleration between around 30 to 50mph. So if we look at peak power again there isn't a huge difference Let's look more closely at between 10, and 11,rpm- let's say this represents a road speed between 44mph to 50mph. We can see now that in this speed range the standard cylinder drops from 5.

Despite having a peak power of less than 1hp more than the standard cylinder up to 30mph these kits now have 3hp higher at higher road speeds and will annihilate the standard cylinder bike at higher road speeds because of this. However even with the Polini and Malossi kits the power still starts to drop off the moment the variator has fully moved out and cannot hold the revs constant anymore.

The only way to get round this is if the power curve carries on horizontally after it makes peak power If you look at the Stage 6 Sport Pro kit it not only makes the highest peak power at the lowest revs 8.I've ridden my Peugeot moped quite a bit in its current position, but I'm ready to take it up a notch.

Basically, its time for some new parts. I would really like to see a solid 45mph with good acceleration so definitely gonna get a kit. Im a relative newb so any info would be great! Honestly the sha is a bit boggy for this set up, and I love me a sha, you'd be better off sticking with your present reeds and ordering a PHBG set up, I know its a bit more money, but mannnn my sha is hurting on there, I just ordered a 19 PHBG and will be swapping it out tomorrow.

Do not get a 70cc cheapo kit, you will blow it up. Also those reed blocks are garbage and you will have air leaks. Keep the sha with the athena reeds. Get a le partie cdi and either the airsal 50 or the teknix kit.

It helps to learn to tune first. Hey guys thanks for all the great input! I definitely agree with you on the one thing at a time process. With that out of the way, let's talk speed parts.

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I reeeeaaaally would like to run a 70cc kit, but yall are steering me toward a So what are your thoughts on that? I really appreciate all your input so far! French bikes with 70 kits are a challenge, as heat management is always problem, you can get good speed out of the 50 kits while displacing heat better. That said im running the small port 70 Airsal and loving it, however Im using a liquid cooled head to mitigate the heat, not that a normal head cant, its just easier. Airsal 50 is way faster than the The big port airsal 70 is a beast though, kinda like a the old gila 70 but with mondo transfers.

They have phbg intakes for the 2 petal, but If you must run a 4 petal, the malossi is the only way to go. Why not port your stock cylinder into a three transfer setup? Nothing is stopping you from cutting your way into a legit 50cc kit.

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I'm a NOOB!!!!! Honestly, maybe I could do it, but I'm down to just to spend the money and get a kit that I know will give me good results and that other people are familiar with so I can get help with tuning.

Great suggestion though!Discussion in ' General Scooter Discussion ' started by scootzmadnessDec 10, Log in or Sign up. Scooter Shack Scooter Forum. Messages: 4, Rides: None. Messages: I have used one before. It was an airsal T6 alloy cylinder with single ring piston on a peugeot engine.

Went really well for the money and covered miles with it fitted with no issues. Just make sure you buy the version with matching head included. They dont work too well with the original 50 head in place.

NathanaelDec 11, Messages: 1, Rides: tweaked ovetto. Yes they are good. And there are a few 'big names' that have their cylinders made by Airsal!

Malossi Sport vs Polini Sport vs Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc

Nice cilinders, pretty fast for what you pay. Metals what got warm extend, this happend in the cilinder to with that arrow, end of story is that the arrow starts pressing at the piston, and the piston is gonna be pressed on the back of the cilinder. Becouse of this reason most of the airsal cilinders didn't make it to the km or already got broken. But that is about 8 or 10 years ago, now thesedays the cilinders are fine, Had a couple of them myself and mounted a few on other people their engines.

Airsal has made a few type of cilinders, if i know what one u mean i can tell you more about it and how they perform and what you can get out of it for the max. In that case if i where you i would go for the cheapest between malossi and polini Performance is pretty te same, But keep in mind, you pay for their name! Check out for the parts called: DR Also checked the webpage, found some nice ones what are better on performance than the malossi or polini u showed, and also faster!

Next to that, parts are verry selected on morini. A malossi variator kit is nice, myself use malossi variators for years, never let me down, Use also malossi cvts kits overrange and have now 4 sets of them. Powerone variator kits verry populair here in holland did had their problems. Polini has nice variators too, and a good hard coating for grip, also verry good for duration, Hebo has also verry nice variators, never used them myself, but i know some people who used them and they did likes them,only thing with hebo variators was i mean they are pretty heavy, so you have to use pretty light rollers if you compare them when using a malossi variator.



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